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Top 10 Real True Things to Do in Gallup, New Mexico Top 10 Real True Things to Do in Gallup, New Mexico
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Gallup is all about sharing true, life-changing moments with our visitors. Whether you have 30 minutes or all day, here are 10 things to do to make your experience fun, exciting, and oh so memorable.

  1. Hike the Church Rock trail for spectacular vistas of the surrounding landscape, it's a great, easy outing for all ages.
  2. Looking for a thrill, take a bike ride on our world class High Desert mountain bike trails.
  3. Experience the Summer Nightly Indian Dances at the McKinley Courthouse Square Plaza. When was the last time you danced with Native Americans?
  4. A chance to get up, up and away with your entire family, float through the Red Rock Canyons in a hot air balloon.
  5. Visit our nine hand-painted mural located downtown, it's a fun way to explore Gallup's rich history, art and culture.
  6. Enjoy a meal at the El Rancho and explore 1940’s & 50s movie memorabilia from the big movie stars of that era that stayed at this famous Route 66 hotel.
  7. Experience the charm of yesteryear, tour the fully restored 1928 El Morro Theatre or take in a movie or show.
  8. Snap pictures of the many freight trains passing through Gallup and notice that each whistle makes a different sound. It's a thrill to feel the ground rumble under your feet.
  9. Here is a chance to see and experience those things that make Gallup real and true, travel back in time with a drive along The Trail of the Ancients.
  10. Shop for Native American authentic jewelry at one of our many trading posts, you'll definitely find something to cherish.

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