Explore the Murals in Gallup

Gallup has over a dozen unique murals that you can explore both downtown and around the community.  Check out the map below for the Downtown Mural Walking Tour and click on each mural link for more details about each mural in the area.

A Walking Tour Map A Walking Tour Map There are many murals within walking distance of each other
10.Japanese Culture Mural 10.Japanese Culture Mural Ric Sarracino, 2014 2nd St. and Hill Avenue
11.Hispanic Heritage Mural 11.Hispanic Heritage Mural Ric Sarracino, 2007 1st St. and Coal Avenue
12.Veterans Memorial Mural 12.Veterans Memorial Mural Jerry Brown, 2007 Richardson Courthouse Plaza
13.Silver Dust Mural 13.Silver Dust Mural Ric Sarracino
14.Jerry’s Café Mural 14.Jerry’s Café Mural Ric Sarracino
15.Turney’s Company Mural 15.Turney’s Company Mural Ric Sarracino
16.D & D Motor Mural Mural 16.D & D Motor Mural Mural 4th and Route 66