1.Great Gallup Mural


The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad construction
crews reached mile marker 157.5 in 1881. As
the rails moved west railroad crews and suppliers
would go to David L. Gallup, paymaster, for
their pay. They had to go to Gallup. The name
Abundant resources of coal, timber and
ranching surrounding the community brought
people looking for opportunities to work. Beautiful
scenery brought the movie industry.
The community campaigned to get Route
66 to come through Gallup on its way from
Chicago to Los Angeles. In 1927 Gallup became
part of Route 66, the Mother Road. The era of
tourism began.
Today all roads lead to Gallup. Population
swells from 20,000 to 50,000 on weekends
when everyone comes to town. Travelers still
wait at railroad crossings while the freight trains
pass through Gallup.
Community members who guided the
development of this mural are Laura Bentz,
Tommy Gasparich, Juanita Kezele, Carolyn Milligan,
and Sally Noe.

Paul Newman, muralist, has tamed his
customary surrealism in a mural for the
public. But his brilliant draftsmanship
still adds an extra measure of reality. Paul
is a painter. He is a former director of the
Center for Performing Arts at the University
of Florida.

Steve Heil, assistant to the muralist, is a
painter, an art teacher with a BA in music.
He is also a professional native herb grower.