2.Gallup Community Life Mural

The heart of our community is people. It
pulsates with activities and events—people laboring
in numerous occupations — gathering
to worship in churches, mosques, synagogues
and hogans — learning at schools, universities,
at home, on the internet, in libraries
— creating art, writing, music, dance, drama
— appreciating the arts in galleries and
theaters —enjoying sports as competitors or
as spectators — celebrating holidays — and
coming to the aid of others in families, neighborhoods,
shelters and hospitals.
Gallup is a blend of ethnic people — each
nationality has brought and still brings their
gifts of customs, languages, traditions, arts
and religions.
Sharing our community life links us together.

Ric Sarracino, muralist, has pushed his skills
as draughtsman, colorist, and designer out of
the box in order to create on a two-dimensional
surface, the essence of his community.
Ric is a self-employed, self-taught artist and
ex-convict. He does hand-painted signs,
commissioned portraits and caricatures.
Painting this mural has inspired him to
study and pursue the Fine Arts.
Community members who guided the
development of this mural are Octavia Fellin,
Dennis Lorenzo, George Kozeliski, and Ruth