8.Women’s Multi-Cultural Mural

Centuries before Gallup’s founding in 1881 this
was a region of interweaving native cultures,
Navajo, Hopi and Zuni. Resources of coal, timber,
railroads and trading attracted settlers who
created a city of increasing cultural diversity.
We offer a tribute to the women who have
carried on the traditions of daily life of their
own cultures, raising children, making gardens
and neighborhoods. Women have perpetuated
arts of cooking, sewing, weaving, dancing and
the rituals of special holidays. Women have had
a major role in forming our cultural organizations,
churches, schools, and libraries.
The large symbolic storyteller at the left of
the mural pays homage to women who have
kept multi-cultural memories alive by telling
stories of the past.
Community members who guided the development
of this mural are: Angela Chavez, Jonni
Chavez, Pricilla Diaz, Milagros Padilla, and Jack

Erica Rae Sykes, muralist, uses flowing
vibrant color to create a dreamlike space in
which lyrical images can float and dance.
She is an art teacher at Wingate High School
who has organized several mural projects
with her students, notably, the Gallup Mural
on D & D Auto on Route 66. She is also a
poet, actress and world traveler.