9.Navajo Code Talker Mural

In the words of the artist
This mural honors the Navajo Code Talkers.
These United States Marines devised a code
using their sacred Navajo language. The code
was never broken and helped to win a victory
in World War II.
Now the Navajo Code Talkers are wise old
grandfathers. They do not want their language
to be forgotten.
This is important, as important as winning
World War II.
Today many people think of the Earth as
a big supermarket full of things to be bought
and sold.
The Navajo people see Earth as a sacred
being to be protected. The Navajo language
and many other native languages embody this
The first 29 Code Talkers devised the Navajo
Code. Part of the code was an alphabet which
was used to spell words like names of strategic
The mural depicts the code being passed on
to the children by the Code Talkers symbolizing
the perpetuation of the Navajo language.
You will be able to find all of the twentysix
letters of the alphabet represented by the
animals and things that the Code Talkers are
passing on to the children.

Be Sargent, muralist, has painted public
murals since 1990. Many are in the Boston
area. Now a Gallup resident, she is working
on a series: Jobs for the Environment at Gallup-
McKinley Adult Detention Center. Her
website is BeSargent.com.
In 2001 she painted the Navajo Code Talker
Mural. Community members who helped
with the creation of this mural are: the late
Mary Gorman, Zonnie Gorman, Larry Foster,
Octavia Fellin, Colleen Marchand, Navajo
Code Talker Albert Smith and his wife, Helen.