Circle of Light Mural

In 1994 Ellis Tanner commissioned Navajo artist Chester Kahn to pain murals of prominent Navajos on the walls of his business.  He wanted to inspire Navajo youth with positive role models while encouraging them to take pride in their culture, language, history and traditions.  The seven-year mural project represents prominent Navajo people of the twentieth century.  From nationally recognized traditional and contemporary artists, musicians and sports figures, to published scholars, award winning journalists and prominent physicians, educators, entrepreneurs, tribal government and community leaders, lawyers and scientists, these individuals exemplify the tenacity of the Navajos to succeed in their chosen fields while maintaining a strong sense of cultural affiliation and pride.  Tours of the murals are available for groups, schools, organizations, and individuals.  In addition, books that give information about each mural are available for purchase ask any of the employees for the “Circle of Light” book that is only available for retail at Ellis Tanner Trading (retail price is approximately $8.00). To schedule a tour call (505)863-4434