High Desert Trail System

Stacked loop single track trail with great vistas and cap rocks. With over 22 miles of trail, it is suitable for an afternoon loop or an all-day epic ride or hike.  This is a fast-riding mountain bike designed trail system that is very well marked, with good trail-head parking at both ends.  if you're not a biker, it is also a fantastic place to hike, trail run, or get your pup some cardio.  While close to town and only a few miles from the interstate it offers a surreal remote back-country feel.  The trail is unique in that it has multiple works of public art. There are rock sculptures, metal sculptures, and two sundials (those don't adjust for daylight savings!) and the whole system has been designated a National Recreation Trail.  

Visit the link below for trail maps and extensive photos.

Bike Information

Length 22 + miles
Trailhead location Hwy 491, left at Chino Loop Stoplight OR County Road 1 off of Route 66